Bold, black lettering saying 'in love, rage and solidarity' and 'black lives matter' below on a white background.
Black lettering saying 'a pleasant shady place under trees' on a white background.
A black vinyl record with a pink centre and repeated neon writing that says “ro’” wrapping around the record.
A white background with “neither strivers nor skivers they will not define us” written in large black lettering.
A print with a black background and a white image of a woman in a long skirt with her fist held above her head and white text saying “shut down the women’s control unit at Lexington! Stop the torture of political prisoners and POWS!”
A collage on a grey background with a distorted image showing a white skin tone and red, white and yellow.
“Brunswick park film festival” in a playful font on green and black leafy motif.
A close up photograph of stripes on a sports pitch in blue, white and yellow.
A photograph of two peoples feet, legs and torso, leaning against a building. Sunlight and the photographers shadow is speckled through a tree onto grass.
A photograph of co-directors of the Bower, Louisa Bailey and Joyce Cronin stood outside the buildings door.
A short black and white clip of a woman with brown hair lighting and smoking from a pipe. once the pipe is lit she looks up to her left.
Oona Grimes’ sculpture of a white un-uniform ball with a long point, painted red at the tip which is hung from olive green walls, next to a side profile drawing of a face.
A photograph of two people using book making equipment. The person to the right is folding a piece of green paper and to the left is leaning over a table holding a page.
A light green background with an image of a dark green flag that says “leaves remain”  in a yellow font. Above the flag there is black lettering that says “ leaf identifying – risograph printing- flag making” and below “leaves remain workshop with Rose Nordin. Saturday 4th May 1:30-4:30. The Bower, Brunswick Park, SE5 7RH”
A photograph of a piece of clay, the bottom half of a tote bag with lettering on it, the edge of a photocopied extract of writing, a white triangle, blue rubber band and corner of a blue piece of fabric with a flower motif.
A drawing of a man with a long grey beard, a crown of leaves and a grass covered body is running with a tree branch which a boy in red trousers is attached to by string by his legs and arms.
A photograph of a stack of purple books with silver edges. At the top of the book silver lettering says “Shelley Marlow”, the centre says “two August’s in a row in a row”, below “a novel” and “the fellow travellers series”.