Oona Grimes

Hail the New Etruscan #3


Opening 5 June 2019 6—9pm
Exhibition continues 6 June — 21 July 2019
Open Wed—Sun, 12—5pm

In 2018 Oona Grimes spent 8 months on a Bridget Riley Fellowship at the British School of Rome, revisiting the films of the Neorealists, watched as a child and mis-remembered ever since. She made a significant shift in her practice to explore film-making and performance for the first time. ‘Hail the New Etruscan #3’ is the third in a series of exhibitions made since the fellowship in Rome – with #1 and #2 manifesting as solo exhibitions earlier this year at Danielle Arnaud and Matt’s Gallery respectively.

‘Hail the new Etruscan #3’, is a film installation with drawings and clay sculptures made specifically for The Bower. In the film, ‘The Nest is Served’, filmed on site, Grimes has extracted, reinterpreted and performed a vignette from Pasolini’s ‘Uccellacci e Uccellini’ (The Hawks and the Sparrows) 1966. The scene focusses on a poverty stricken family and their ruthless landlord, where the woman attempts to feed her family by cooking a nest. The powerful concern for social issues is transformed and elevated by absurdity and a sense of the surreal.

The exhibition includes coloured pencil drawings & clay heads, representing the marginalised, anonymous – but not forgotten – cast of extras; depicting sad, crying and disheveled, bird-like children. This is the first time Grimes has created an installation responding to the context of a gallery space. ‘Hail the new Etruscan #3’, responds to The Bower building, the sounds of the birds and the association that parks have with children and the unseen elements of the everyday.

A publication with texts by Lucy Reynolds and Tony Grisoni is published by Publication Studio London.

Photography: Jonathan Bassett

oona grimes

Oona Grimes chases language – both the learning and losing of it – the omissions, the torn, the discontinuous, the patches, the bad repairs. A devout flattist with a love of paper & pattern from Japanese woodcuts & Windsor McKay to signage & packaging – Grimes recently began drawing herself into films. During Grimes’ 2018 Bridget Riley Fellowship at The British School at Rome she segued from thieving Lorenzetti tartans or cartoon detail from Etruscan paintings, to the appropriation of neorealist films. Recent exhibitions include: Hail the new Etruscan #1, Danielle Arnaud, London, 2019; Hail the new Etruscan #2, Matt’s Gallery London, Hail the new Etruscan #4, Danielle Arnaud in Venice, 2019; Oriel Mostyn 2019; Creekside Open 2019; Swedenborg Film Festival, 2018 [prizewinner]. Oona Grimes is represented by Danielle Arnaud London.