Simon(e) van Saarloos

Playing Monogamy

book launch

Saturday 9 November 2019, 2–4pm

Please join us for the London launch of ‘Playing Monogamy’ by Simon(e) van Saarloos published by our sister studio Publication Studio Rotterdam. We will host a reading by Simon(e) followed by drinks and a chance to pick up a freshly made copy of the book. 

“ Love is love but not really. To recognise love as love we need comprehensible images. What are those contemporary images that help us identify love and how could we identify love differently, figuring it as less defined by safety procedures, measured commitment and feelings of ownership and entitlement? Playing Monogamy refuses to see personal relationships as safe havens where people can hide from the precarities of society, and instead proposes to make public life more intimate and romantic.”

Through a contemporary rereading of the cult of monogamy, van Saarloos playfully queers the way in which the structure of monogamy is upheld through social convention within Western contexts. The book proposes an expanded and polyamorous engagement with intimacy and sexuality as a possible alternative. 

Originally written in Dutch and published by De Bezige Bij, Publication Studio is excited to bring this book to an English speaking audience for the very first time. This edition of the book, translated by Liz Waters, includes a foreword by Leni Zumas, author of the US bestseller Red Clocks, and a revised preface by Simon(e) herself, addressing how she might approach writing about nonmonogamy differently four years after the book’s first publication—and after many experiences in between.

simon(e) van

Simon(e) van Saarloos is a writer and philosopher, living in Brooklyn, NY and Amsterdam. Simon(e) writes the “e” in her name between parentheses because she questions gender norms and doubts anything that appears ‘as given’ or self-evident. Also, what’s between parentheses might be more meaningful than what is said to be meaningful. She is the author of 4 books: Enz. Het Wildersproces [Etc. The Geert Wilders Trial, 2018], Het monogame drama [The monogamy Drama,] and De vrouw die [The Woman Who],Het monogame drama [The monogamy Drama], Ik deug/deug niet [To Be Good or Not Be Good]. In the last Dutch general elections Simon(e) was a candidate for the intersectional political party led by Sylvana Simons. She also writes theatre and poetry and performs on stage as a lecturer and interviewer. Simon(e) regularly contributes introductions, prefaces and essays in art books, catalogues or book translations. One of her most recent speaking engagements was at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.