Opens 4 March 2023, 3—6pm
Exhibition continues 5 March—2 April 2023
Open Thurs–Sun, 12–5pm

The Bower has commissioned G to make a new body of work including ceramics and metalwork exploring familial relationships, mental health, the overlooked & underheld. This work draws together familial/everyday life and death ties. G has designed and made three ceramic urns, one for herself, one for her mother and one for a stranger, each containing emblems and symbols of those whose ashes they will hold. Although incredibly personal, they are also funny, absurd and engaging sculptures.

Death is often one of the most feared yet inevitable aspects of human existence. G’s work as an artist/babysitter/poet/weekend-raver and as a forever in training death-doula aims to create a sense of acceptance and contentment around death, approaching it with love and humour but also an understanding of the deep pain it brings.

WOAH WOE is as much about life and living as it is about death. It is about looking away from the macabre and acknowledging that there is a beauty/joy and respect for living in death. Through this work G creates a conversation about death, a dialogue that is gentle, permission based and held with care, humour and love. The work encourages us to think about who has a voice, who is heard, what is value, what objects we place value on, and how decisions around life and death are made, accepted or disregarded. 

Photography: Jonathan Bassett


Audio from live performance by G in Brunswick Park at the opening of WOAH WOE. The soundtrack played from a speaker carried on G’s back, while undertaking a lap of the park, followed and observed by visitors to the exhibition and park.


G —

G lives and works in Amsterdam and London. Their practice often confronts themes of stereotypes, power dynamics, exploring humour and the everyday. 

G completed a residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in 2021 and has been showing internationally since 2012.