The Bower is Louisa Bailey and Joyce Cronin.

Joyce is a gallery manager and organiser of exhibitions and events, having worked with galleries and art organisations such as Matt’s Gallery, Studio Voltaire and Afterall. She also teaches Contemporary Art Exhibitions & Event Management at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Louisa worked as Book Buyer for the ICA Bookshop before setting up Luminous Books and is the Sales and Distribution assistant at Book Works. As Luminous Books, she has been hosted by Central Saint Martins (UAL),The London Centre for Book Arts, Raven Row and Unit/Pitt Projects, Vancouver. Following work with Publication Studio Vancouver, she launched PS London in 2015. Publication Studio helps artists and writers reach a broad public through a network of international studios, printing and binding books on demand using affordable materials.

We began collaborating in 2013 and 2014 consecutively, when Louisa brought her curated bookshop Luminous Books to Afterall at Central Saint Martins, where Joyce organised exhibitions of artworks by Rodney Graham (2013) and Martha Rosler (2014). In 2015,

we set up Finishing Touch, a pop-up project based in a former barber shop where we programmed a series of events, screenings and performances. In 2016 we won the Artquest Workweek prize for bringing ‘The Little Book of Answers’ by Laura Malacart and a recital

of Monica Ross’s ‘Act of Memory’ to Brixton Market during the Art Licks weekend. In 2019, we received a Civic Award from Southwark Council and the Mayor of Southwark - the Honorary Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell- for our contribution to art, culture and the community.