A photograph of the corner of a book with bold brushstrokes red and green flowers on the cover..

Installation of works and texts

"The Pith' at The Bower

until 4th August 2018
Wed-Sat, 12-5pm

Book launch, 'Guilding'

The Bower

Saturday 28th July 2018


A photo of a butter knife suspended by a blue, red and white fabric plait.
A photograph of a piece of clay, the bottom half of a tote bag with lettering on it, the edge of a photocopied extract of writing, a white triangle, blue rubber band and corner of a blue piece of fabric with a flower motif.
A photograph of a canopy that has been dyed and imprinted with fresh flowers.

Jessica Higgins / The Pith

To celebrate the London launch of Jessica Higgins new book ‘Guilding’ published by Publication Studio London, an installation of works and texts, The Pith, will occupy The Bower until 4th August.

The Pith: Set as a room which is to be read, information is re-imagined and translated into new pieces of collage and installed sculptural works, weaving a lexicon of relationships, memory and time. Built from off cuts of art works, findings, garments and gifts, the objects occupy a narrative space. The excerpted texts offer fragments of a living and performative bibliography selected from sources referenced in Guilding and ongoing readings around ideas of biography, fictioning, voice and place.

“Readers and writers should look for each other in real life, meet, conspire, develop together in reality what they began to sketch on paper. Such an act of bringing secret complicities to a state of reality-production is the basic form of insurrection." 

- Federico Campagna, ‘Discipline: on Writing and Collectivity', 2012.

Guilding draws together twenty-four edited chapters of an episodically written novella, once published via a mobile phone application Guilding a Slyte Repose and produced as the result of a residency period concerned with the operatings and potentials posed by a semi-autobiographical literary practice as a framework for performance, publishing and the production of sculpture. For this publication, the edited novella is accompanied by a series of essays or ‘letters’ from the author addressing the relations between reader and writer; author and narrator; visitor and host in the context of the semi-fiction, the subjective analysis of truth and myth, haunting, intruding, posturing and the unfolding of language in the never-ending difficulties with communication.

Jessica Higgins is an artist living and working in Glasgow. Recent & upcoming presentations include: Mutters, New Victoria Gardens, Glasgow (group, 2018); Ruins, Spats, Turf Projects, London (with Matthew Walkerdine, 2018); Once More While Reeling, A6books, London (with Nick Ainsworth, publication, 2018); SPAM presents: That’s Hot! performance with Michael Crowe, The Poetry Club, Glasgow (group, 2018); MINIMAL/POOR/PRESENT, Pearce Institute, 2018 (group, 2018); House Party, Project Ability, Glasgow (group, 2018); Casual Nexus, performance with Edwin Stevens, The Old Hairdressers & Clydesdale Cricket Club, Glasgow (group, 2018); A Plume Annual Volume One co-edited with Jude Hagan and Rebecca Wilcox (publication, 2017); New Edition with Matthew Walkerdine, Edinburgh Printmakers (group, 2017); After Hours, 16 Nicholson St. (solo, 2017); Sic, Glasgow Project Room (with Owen Piper, 2016); Grab a Chair, Flinch, The Glue Factory (group, 2016), Settling Up Some Of Things, Many Studios (group, 2016). She is 1/9th of Good Press, a volunteer-led-unfunded-informal-organisation dedicated to the promotion and production of independent artist publications and projects.


Event: 28 July 2018, 4-6pm Gather under a specially made canopy, dyed with smashed flowers, extending from The Bower in Brunswick Park to listen to readings about writing and writings about reading from Jessica Higgins, Michael Crowe and Judith Hagan.

Michael Crowe is a writer, artist and teacher based in London, England. His most recent book, An Attempt to Exhaust a Place in Grand Theft Auto was published by Studio Operative. Michael's work has been exhibited internationally, notably at LACMA, St Gallen Switzerland, Good Press, Glasgow and Le Plateau, FRAC Paris. He has given talks at the New Museum and the BFI, London and is currently writing a letter to everyone in the world with Lenka Clayton.

Judith Hagan is an artist from Glasgow currently living and working in London. Recent and upcoming exhibitions/publications include: Long Time No See, Bow Arts, London (2018, Group); Downsizing, Cave Space, London (2018, Group); Effort GIFT SET, Dada Post, Berlin (2017, Group); Best of the Drawing Year, Christies, London (2017, Group); A Plume Annual Volume One co-edited with Jessica Higgins and Rebecca Wilcox (publication, 2017); The Future is a Carrot on a Stick (publication, Museums Press, 2017); Grab a Chair, Flinch, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (2016, with Jessica Higgins, David Roeder and Jack Saunders); Stoke a Few Cinders and Let the Ash Set Around, CELINE, Glasgow (2016, Group). She studied at Glasgow School of Art and will be joining the RCA Writing programme in 2018.

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