A crop of a collage by Mary Hurrell of different textures: fur, hair, a rock face, a red surface and a grainy dark blue sky, cut into abstract shapes and assembled on the page.

The Bower Hut Cafe

Brunswick Park



SE5 7RH     

Mary Hurrell /  EROTIC MECHANICS-mappings

Book Launch

Friday 16 November 2018, 6-8pm

Join us for the launch of a new book, 'EROTIC MECHANICS-mappings', by Mary Hurrell, a collection of textural scores and collages by the artist charting two bodies of work spanning 2015-2018, with essays by Emily LaBarge, published by Publication Studio London.

'There are words inside words and works inside works… Hurrell’s performances are interested in inheritance and intimacy, what lives just beneath the skin of an idea, what presses softly through the membrane and pauses — and with what materials, solid or ephemeral, to make this manifest. Mappings is not about water, but it is about — around, through, next to — fluidity, and in this sense courses, cycles, refracts, repeats in waves. Like heartbeats, like blood through the veins; like hot reminiscences and beads of sweat; like changes of state and a body that can’t be escaped but still stands, stalks, leans, bends, crumples, descends, lies flat, eyes to the sky.'

Emily LaBarge, EROTIC MECHANICS-mappings, 2018

Mary Hurrell's exhibition at The Bower Movement Study 6 (Maxxinna) directly employs the collages and scores included in the publication as part of the archaeology and visual language of the live work at The Bower.

Publication available to purchase here

Mary Hurrell is an interdisciplinary artist working across performance, sound and sculpture. Her most recent performances and exhibitions include: ちょう¬, Yamakiwa Gallery, Japan (2018), 3 (OXIORCAD), Flat Time House, London (2018), 2 (AERIAL), Kunstraum, London (2018); 1 (Pitch), organised by fluent, Centro Botin, Spain (2018); StereoSkin, Herdubreid Biosal, Iceland (2017); Movement Study 5 (Pearlex), David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2016); Left Hand To Back Of Head, Bluecoat, Liverpool (2016); EROTIC MECHANICS, 10 Martello Street, London, (2016); The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery (2015); Movement Study 4 (Dorsal/Breast), South London Gallery (2014)

This exhibition and publication are generously supported by Arts Council England.