Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Practice Makes Perfect, Book Launch
Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Una's Voice, Exhibition


Visual Aids, Enduring Care, Day With(out) Art, screenings 

Brunswick Park Film Festival 2021

Jaki Irvine, ro' ro', Exhibition 

Olivia Plender, Neither Strivers Nor Skivers, They Will Not Define Us, Exhibiton and publication


Brunswick Park Film Festival 2020 screening online 

Starting Something #6, talk at Big Shop Friday, artist run space, Milton Keynes, 6 March 2020. 


Spring Break: Counter-planning from the park, Event with Eva Rowson, Louise Shelley and Carole Wright

Leaves Remain, Workshop with Rose Nordin

Oona Grimes, Hail the new Etruscan #3, Exhibition 

Strange Perfume, Queer Culture Book Fair 

Oona Grimes, The Last of the Etruscans! Publication Launch and closing event

Sara Kelly, Weaving Workshop at The Bower Hut Cafe
Should you work for free? Panel discussion, South London Gallery

Brunswick Park Film Festival
Writers Residency, Judith Hagan, Jessica Higgins and Rebecca Wilcox
Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Una's Voice Broadcast on Art Licks Weekend Radio in partnership with TACO! and RTM

Playing Monogamy, Book launch

Women Against Imperialism, Exhibition and Book Launch 

Visual Aids Screening, STILL BEGINNING: The 30th Annual Day With(out) Art

Wreath-making at The Bower Hut Cafe, 7 December 2-4pm 

The Bower Box of Delights, Editions launch and exhibition


Holly Slingsby, Knotted Mass II, Book launch

How to Self-Publish, SPACE

Offprint: Tate
Frances Scott, Diviner, Exhibition

Workshop: How to self publish a book with Publication Studio London. A demo...

Frances Scott in conversation with Chu-Li Shewring and Karen Di Franco
PROCESS! Festival
Jessica Higgins, Guilding, Book launch| The Pith, Exhibition

Pop-Up Cinema Night -Desperately Seeking Susan

Shelley Marlow, Two August In A Row In A Row- artist's edition book launch

Lucy Gunning, My heart is like a Singing Bird, exhibition

Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Mary Hurrell, Movement Study 6 (MAXXINNA), Live installation

Mary Hurrell, EROTIC MECHANICS-mappings book launch

The Bower Box of Delights, fundraising shop and events