CAMP BOOKS, Moonworship Guide, 2021


Two colour Risograph – metallic silver and black – on Colorplan Bright Red paper printed by Pagemasters for The Bower
420mm x 297mm
Edition of 50

This poster is an abstraction of the lunar calendar for the astrological year 2021-2022, beginning with the new moon in Aries and culminating with the new moon in Pisces. Lunar calendars, and stone monuments that mark them, are among the oldest documents in human history. Every culture has its own moon worship and moon lore, but by and large it is best to celebrate the waxing moon by working with the influences in your life that you want to increase, and the waning moon by pruning out the things you no longer need or want in your life.

A companion to the CAMP BOOKS almanack, which channels the ancient tradition & folklore of paying attention to lunar motions and planetary aspects for the purposes of queer history.

CAMP BOOKS was founded in 2018 by Brooke Palmieri as a platform for widening access to the history of LGBTQIA+ activism and gender non-conformity more broadly by salvaging rare and out of print books and ephemera to build collections of queer materials, and produce fresh prints that connect queers to their history.

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