Incantation, Wendy, Frances Scott


This book is an incantation for Wendy (2022), a film fan letter from artist Frances Scott to composer Wendy Carlos. Written contributions from Beth Bramich, Stine Hebert, Juliet Jacques, Tom Richards, Chu-Li Shewring and Dave Tompkins are accompanied by hand-drawn music scores, film stills and script notes produced during Scott’s research, and her moving-image work Valentina (2020), a rehearsal to camera with performer Valentina Formenti.

Incantation, Wendy precedes the film Wendy and meditates on Carlos as ‘The Original Synth’, moving across channels that speak of the unbounded voice in collaboration, synthesis and transition; through vocoders, archives, re-readings, light pulses, solar flares and cyclical returns; and in concert with horses, moons and a sun, eclipsing as it rises above the horizon.

Incantation, Wendy forms part of Wendy, a research residency and commission with TACO!

Edited by Beth Bramich

Published by Bobo, 2021

ISBN 978-1-9160775-1-5


104pp, 140 x 214mm, 500 copies

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