Msheresies #3 – Amniotechnics


The third part of the MsHeresies series republishes “Amniotechnics”, an essay by feminist theorist Sophie Lewis, alongside material from ‘Triple Jeopardy’, a publication made in the early 1970s by the Third World Women’s Alliance. The essay talks about reproductive labour from a queer, Marxist point of view, and about anti-work, pregnancy, water protection, and the meaning of borders, both geographic as well as bodily. The visual essay in this issue stems from looking at ‘Triple Jeopardy’ through the lens of graphic design and how it was collaboratively produced. Includes contributions from political activist Frances M. Beal and filmmaker Christine Choy.

Published by Rietlanden Women’s Office, 2020
190 x 300mm, 24 pages, saddle stitched.

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