Shelley Marlow, Two Augusts In A Row In A Row (art edition)


‘Two Augusts In A Row In A Row’ is a love letter between generations of queer people. Set in New York City in 2001, we follow Phillip—a gender subversive drag king in search of grace and magic—through rich, sad, humorous language that is singularly Shelley Marlow’s.

“Marlow’s style is appealing and beautiful, propelling the reader forward with its mix of sophistication and Zen-like neologism. Syntax lifts off the rails in exhilarating ways, prepositions stand in for one another, and rich, leisurely descriptions succeed in creating a fully realized world saturated with…far-out colors, sounds, and textures…Witchcraft, visionary experience, dream intervention, and the need for spells of self-protection appear regularly throughout this book, as if one could not possibly navigate such an unpredictable world without heeding them.”  – Jenny Montgomery, CutBank

This artist’s edition of the novel features 24 colour and black-and-white reproductions of pen and ink drawings, watercolours and paintings by the author, bound in purple covers with a holographic foil.

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First Published by Publication Studio Portland, 2015, first art edition published by Publication Studio Hudson, 2018, this edition is handmade by Publication Studio London in collaboration with London Centre for Book Arts, 2018.


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