Forthcoming Publications 2020/21

Olivia Plender 

Neither Strivers Nor Skivers, They Will Not Define Us

'Neither Stivers nor Skivers' takes as its starting point an unpublished play entitled 'Liberty or Death' written C.1913 by activist and artist Sylvia Pankhurst. The play details the struggles of the East London Federation of the Suffragettes to win better living and working conditions, as well as votes for women. During 2018-19 Plender worked with women's groups active in London today to explore the themes of the play including: housing, domestic violence, imprisonment, the welfare system and unequal pay. The play becoming a trigger for participants to discuss similarities between their experiences and those of their predecessors. Transcripts from the meetings highlight the return of the poor conditions outlined in the play, as a consequence of the austerity policies instituted by the British government in the last decade, which have disproportionally affected women. 

" In staging these meetings, we are attempting to collectively re-write feminist history. This book is a part of that process and in publishing the play for the first time, my hope is that it can become useful as a tool for others engaged in similar struggles" - Olivia Plender, London, 2020.

To be published on the occasion of Olivia Plender's exhibition at The Bower in 2021.

Designed by SS Whetton.