Publication Studio London

We are the London outpost of Publication Studio : a collective of 11 sibling studios around the world, founded

in Portland, Oregon, in 2009. We print and bind books by hand, one at a time, on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire, using the equipment on site at The Bower: a guillotine, a perfect binder,

a risograph machine and a laser printer.

We share these books with the other studios as digital files and any studio can download and make physical copies of these. We use any means possible to help writers and artists reach a public: physical books, a digital commons (where anyone can read and annotate our books for free), eBooks and unique social events with our writers and artists in many cities. We attend to the social life of the book.

Publication Studio is an experiment in sustainable publishing and the 11 sibling studios a distribution

network and community. PS was born out of a need for an alternative, DIY approach to mainstream publishing.

The network grew through the recognition of a shared need; each studio is autonomous and self-funded.

We use our method of publication – printing and binding one at a time on demand –to support new work

which may not otherwise be published.

Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense-not just the production of books, but the production of a public. This public, which is more than a market, is created through physical production, digital circulation, and social gathering. Together these construct a space of conversation which beckons a public into being.

Publication Studio London is run by Louisa Bailey and Sharon Mah. It launched in 2015 at Raven Row as part

of Plastic Words and has since been kindly hosted by London Centre for Book Arts as publisher in residence

until The Bower opens in 2018. To read more about the network of studios and full list of authors, artists and publications visit

A photograph of Louisa and Sharon surrounded by book binding equipment and in the process of putting a book together. A poster of the wall reads ‘Books Made Fresh, Publication Studio London’.