Our crowdfunder is now over. Thanks to all our supporters who helped us reach our target.
You can continue to support us by joining our friends scheme and becoming a Bower Bird, or by becoming a patron.
All funds raised will go towards transforming the currently derelict former public toilet in Brunswick Park into a non-profit art space.

Thank you!

£35 or more - Become a Bower Bird.  Join our friends scheme and receive a tote bag including a Publication Studio book, and a 15% discount at The Bower including: all events/workshops, books, editions/artists multiples and cafe purchases. One year annual subscription.

£500 or more - Become a Patron of The Bower - you will be credited as a patron in all of our 2018/19 publications and on our website, and receive a copy of every publication and edition commissioned in that period, as well as all The Bower Birds friends scheme perks.