A print with a black background with a women holding up her fist.

Women Against Imperialism

Posters used in protest

14-24 November 2019

Exhibition Open Thursday - Sunday 12-4pm, or by appointment 

Publication Launch Friday 15 November 7-9pm   

Women Against Imperialism (WAI) was a grassroots organisation that used direct action to build solidarity between activist groups in the California Bay Area in 1981. Until 1996, WAI advocated for anti-imperialist, anti-prison, anti-war, international feminist and LGBTQ+ causes. On exhibition for the first time are thirteen posters used by WAI in demonstrations, each bringing awareness of international struggle to a very local level: they are visceral objects - homemade, sometimes hand-drawn, held together by duct tape and mounted on board for immediate use in protest against a range of issues beyond the Bay Area: women's reproductive rights, the abolition of a high security women's prison, and support for Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur, among other causes.

A publication with text by Brooke Palmieri, designed by Esther McManus will accompany the exhibition celebrating the legacy of these posters and featuring in-depth research on their history, context and cultural significance. Available to purchase here.

This project is produced in collaboration with Brooke Palmieri, who runs Camp Books, dedicated to making queer and feminist histories- and historic materials- more accessible through teaching, publishing, and building collections.

Exhibition talk and tour with Brooke Palmieri

Sunday 24 November, 2pm

Brooke Palmieri will be at The Bower to talk about the history and context of the posters on display.